Shruti Dutt (Mentor)

Act & Attract: Master the Business of Acting With Shruti Dutt

(5 Day One on One Mentorship Program)

Want to learn the business of acting? How to be a working actor? See what you might be missing, big or small that is stopping you from growing your career? Or you want to be an actor, but don’t know how to start? You are in the right place. Welcome! to the 1 on 1 Mentorship program by casting director Shruti Dutt. Learn valuable insights that can shift the trajectory of your career. With a decade of experience in casting, Shruti comes with extensive knowledge, experience and insight. In 2023 she found her 2nd passion in actor education hence she also authored a book “Casting Call” (30 + most common casting questions by actors answered) and at the end of last year was also born the one on one mentorship program for actors, a personalized training program for actors like never before.

Note by Mentor Shruti Dutt

Through the years as a Casting Director I have always felt the need for creating a support system for actors, to dispel myths, share advice, and lighten up their path. The passion has only been fuled more over the years and the mentorship program is in effort of that. What an actor gets out of the mentorship program is a tailored approach in their path ahead that is in line with your strengths and goals. We touch on your individual journey and help carve out a path ahead that is in line with your strengths and goals. Through this entire journey you will increase your self awareness, learn the do and don’t of auditions, psychological and mental journey of an actor and how to become stronger in that, as well as how to market yourself better. It’s a holistic approach to being an actor, the idea is not for you to learn techniques of acting because there already is a wealth of information and education on that but more importantly learning the practical aspects of being an actor and creating a support system that can help you achieve that.


“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude”

Ralph Marston


5 days (1-1.5 hours per day)

You can choose either option of completing the program in (5 continuous days excluding weekend) or ( over 5  weekend sessions i.e. Saturday, Sunday)

Language of Instruction

English/ Hindi



(The program is also available for actors outside Mumbai, the mode of the session would be online session only)


₹ 11999/-

(Includes access to our exclusive online community upon successful completion of the program where we all learn and grow together, an actor ‘s toolkit designed by us and all reading materials used during the program.)

Program Schedule

Day 1
  • Introduction to the mentorship program. Addressing what to expect?
  • Understanding your journey so far, your motivations, hopes, dreams and fears
  • Discussing pain points so far.
  • Sharing industry structure and information regarding Casting directors, their roles and other key industry departments and personnel and their role in an actor’s career.
Day 2
  • Assessment : Going over your profile so far, work links, audition links and pictures. 
  • Tips to improve your current profile, choose the correct pictures and links. 
  • Tips on what more to add to the profile. Help choose the right videos and build a showreel and present you in the best light to casting directors and their teams.
  • Addressing any blocks identified so far.
  • Identifying the right casting companies that fit your forward goals and discussing tips and tricks to connect with them.
Day 3
  • Discussing the audition world.
  • Addressing what casting directors expect in an audition. Do’s and Don’ts of auditions.
  • How to leave a good impression on the casting directors and their teamsHow to build meaningful relationships with them.
  • How to stand out when approaching casting directors.
Day 4
  •  Understanding the art of self marketing.

  • Understanding social media. It’s need for an actor, how you can build an authentic social media presence. Busting myths associated with social media for actors.

  • Tips on how to increase your chances of being seen by casting directors and directors.

  • Negotiation tips and tricks.

Day 5
  • The art of networking well.
  • The 3 P’s Theory of success.
  • Assessment and feedback.
  • Plan of action ahead.
  • Discussing the importance of body language and tips to improve yours.
  • Mental health: Tips for staying grounded and sane in this business.

Enrollment Process and Other Info

How to Enroll:

  • To enroll in the “Act & Attract : Master the business of Acting with Shruti Dutt” fill out the application form available below. We will be selecting 6 applicants for each month.
  • Only 6 Slots available for each month March, April. Select your preferred month in the application form
  • You can choose to complete the program in 5 days continuously or spread within a month by doing the sessions on weekends. You can also choose the preferred option for that same in the application form.
  • Selected applicants will receive the payment link and further instructions. Participants are expected to complete the payment within 48 hours of receiving the acceptance mail. Failure to complete the payment in time will result in an automatic cancellation of the acceptance. Upon completion of the payment you will receive a final confirmation mail with other details.


Additional information:

  • We will be sharing some additional reading material and resources at the end of the course of the program for your reference
  • Additional work might be required at your end over and above the hours mentioned in the program.

Act & Attract Program Form

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